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Our bodies are the most amazing healing machines in the universe. However, your body's ability to operate at peak performance, to heal itself, depends completely on the 'fuel' you put into it.

Processed foods, sugars, chemicals. Not the proper fuel and most of you have already changed your eating habits. But sometimes your body needs a little help to heal itself. Very high quality supplements can be that help.

Herbs are a true gift from mother nature. They have remarkable healing properties. But, herbs themselves do NOT cure anything. The proper herbs, given in the proper dosage, give your body the fuel it needs to cure itself.

There are 4 things you absolutely must know and research in order to get the most out of your supplements. Read More...

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It's Useless To Buy Natural Products If The Active Ingredient
Is Lacking, Or Worse...


A Shocking Insider Truth On Herbal Quality: A supplier of herbs or supplement ingredients brings a truckload of raw materials to a supplement company that does extensive quality testing, like Nature's Sunshine. Testing shows the product to be inferior, be it the wrong part of the herb, weak active components, foreign material contamination, or a host of other possibilities. The shipment is refused.


What do you think the supplier does? Trash the load?... No way!


They just deliver to another company that does little, or NO, quality testing. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!


What if the active ingredient is in the flower, but 40% of the truckload is leaves and stems, and 15% is weeds? Do you think this will affect the potency? You can count on it! If the active ingredient is diluted with "filler" parts of the plant, then you are being cheated when you buy that product.


The labeling might even say, "100% (plant name)", but they fail to mention what percentage is really the active ingredient! They are clever to cover-up their lack of testing... at your expense!


To get the highest possible benefits from supplements, make sure that the company you buy from uses sufficient quality control testing to guarantee that the active ingredient is present and that the product is pure.


Why Use Nature's Sunshine Products?


Nature's Sunshine Products are the highest quality, purest supplements in the world. High quality products that give you the maximum effectiveness and guaranteed safety... without spending a fortune. Over 300 tests are done on each batch of herbs, vitamins, minerals. Compare that to any other company!


Through our personal experience and use of herbs and supplements for over 30 years, and our use of Nature's Sunshine Products for over 25 years, we KNOW that vitamin and herbal supplements do work, IF you have a high quality product to start with.


7 Reasons Why
Stands Head And Shoulders Above The Others...
And Why We Use Them Ourselves


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